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Cricket 6v6(Box Cricket)
- 6 Players on each side, 2 substitutes allowed
- Matches will be played with a Tennis Ball
- League cum knockout
- 6 overs each side
- Max of 2 overs per bowler
- Ball has to pitch ahead of the center line otherwise it will be considered as NO BALL
- No under arm ball allowed
- NO BALLS and WIDE will not be counted as official ball and 1 run will be scored by the opponent team
- Wicket keepers are allowed to change anytime
- Ball going directly outside the Box without interference by opponent team will be considered as OUT
- In case of Tie, Super Over will be played
- The Non Striker has to stand completely inside the STUMP BOX
- General box cricket rules will apply unless mentioned above or on the day of the event
- Umpire's decision cannot be challenged